Nip & Fab Teen Skin Pore Blaster Wash Review

Luckily I’ve never been one to suffer with bad skin, I’ve had the odd few spots now and again but nothing too major.. until this past year. Partly down to the way I’ve been eating (one to may takeaways) and partly because I haven’t been taking proper care of my skin. 

It seemed to go from 0 to 100 overnight and all of a sudden I was covered in spots! I’ve tried soooo many different products and none seemed to work, in fact some of them made my skin even worse.Then I came across the ‘Nip and Fab Teen Skin Pore Blaster day and night wash’ in Superdrug, I’ve heard a lot about the brand but until now hadn’t actually tried anything. I decided to pick them up and give them a try – they were discounted too, I think I picked them both up for around £12, which is pretty good for a decent brand!

Since buying them around two months ago I’ve religiously used them every single morning and night (apart from the odd drunken sleep with my makeup on episode). I’m usually one of these people who buys something, uses it a couple of times then forgets about it.. but I am completely obsessed with this pair.

My skin has literally never been clearer, I started to see a difference after around two weeks of using the products and they’ve lasted me ages too, I’ve only just ran out which is pretty good going (100% repurchasing).

The only thing which I’ve noticed that I don’t like is that they’ve dried out my skin quite a bit, so I’ve had to make sure that I moisturise every morning and night to make up for the dryness but I’m happy to do this as long as my spots stay away!

Does anyone have any other recommendations, maybe a less drying option?

Speak soon,

Jess xx

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